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New Home Buyers Need an Agent in their Corner

In 1989, when I first started New Homes America, new home buyers usually spent hours exploring neighborhoods and browsing the Sunday real estate section. Typically, they did not have a real estate agent to guide them through the process and represent them exclusively.

I wanted to provide free buyer agency services for new home buyers. I envisioned a company where, from one central location, buyers could review all of the new homes available and learn about the various builders and communities in the Tampa Bay area. New home buyers needed a real estate company consisting of new home experts that would eliminate confusion and represent them exclusively throughout the entire transaction.
Things are different for today’s home buyers. Buyers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. With the Internet, they can find everything from communities in A-rated school districts to virtual tours of the homes.

And yet with all of this information, the need for an experienced real estate agent specializing in new homes remains. Yes, now a-days, most builders and communities have web sites, but sifting through site after site trying to compare builders, floor plans, neighborhoods, and the best value, can be extremely difficult and tedious. Even with online access, nothing replaces the face-to-face expertise and discovery offered by a seasoned new homes real estate agent. The benefits are numerous:

Searches on individual builder or community web sites can be time consuming and unproductive. A real estate professional will be more adept than the most sophisticated web site or search engine at making streamlined and relevant home suggestions.

You can ask questions and get solid feedback when working with a new home specialist. The New Homes America agents provide this free service to the buyer, so if you want advice or have a question, a real person is there for you.

New home specialists know all of the builders and communities in the area. They can help determine the buyer’s needs and zero in on the best fit locations, neighborhoods, and floor plans.

New Homes America agents can help educate the buyer on quality builders with high customer satisfaction.

Builder incentives and promotions are not always updated on builder web sites. New Homes America agents are updated daily with the latest and greatest builder programs.

New home agents are experts in the new home buying experience. Whether you want to buy a new home and move in right away or you are looking to build, a new home specialist understands the process and can help educate you and empower you to make the best decision.

New home buyers are learning the advantages of being represented. Traditionally, when a buyer visits a new home community, they will be assisted by a sales person who represents the builder. A new home specialist, representing the buyer, looks out for the buyer’s best interest.

When choosing a real estate agent to help you find a new home, make sure you choose a professional who will act as an advocate—an agent who knows the process and will be there to assist you every step of the way. Selecting the right home is only the first step. Work with an agent who will help you negotiate the best new home deal and will guide you through the process from contract to closing!

If you’re building a new home, your agent should attend the construction meetings with you and should make sure everything goes according to plan. A new home expert knows the building process and knows what to watch for.

Most importantly, a new home buyers agent will be in your corner, knows how to work with builders and will keep everything on track.

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